When I was twelve I worked a whole summer to be able to afford my first camera. It was a Canon AE-1 and I can still remember how good it felt to stroll around our neighbourhood and take the occasional photo of a cat or dog. My love for photography was kindled and with joining the schools photo club it burnt high for a few years. How magical it was to smell the vapors of the developer and see those pictures slowly appear on the paper in the sparsely lit dark room.

Then puberty kicked in and there were just too many other things to discover so the camera was put in a drawer waiting for the good times to return.

It had to stay there for quite a long time, almost thirty years. It happened when I sold my business and turned my back on the old job. I felt the need to fill my newly acquired freedom with something productive and creative and gave photography a second shot.

The following year of travelling around the world with my family brought a lot of opportunities and in fact the majority of the pictures presented on this site date from this time. If you’re interested in the associated stories please feel free to also have a look at our travel blog.

Just before leaving Austria I applied for the  ‘Master class of Photography’ in Salzburg and was lucky enough to be accepted. This definitely brought my skills to a new level and after having finished the course and the final exams I look back at a very intense year of photography full of lectures and workshops with some of the best trainers in Europe.

I hope you enjoy my pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them and thank you so much for dropping by,